Studio Noyes

Forsake M’s ‘Davos’ Collection

FW 2020
Climbing rocks. Casual walks. This boot does both.

Informal refinement. All-terrain attitude.
From scaling mountains to striding down the sidewalk—there’s no setting too daunting for this inclusive, strong-yet-modern make. It’s the all-purpose leather boot that’s ready to carry you through any experience, no matter the weather or scenery. Do-it-all performance is balanced and enhanced with luxe elements and top-shelf comfort. Minimal lines and pattern breaks merge together with classic hardware and durable leather. Peak-to-pavement DNA toughens the outsole, making it suitable for rain, shine and snow. Forsake’s logo and creative ethos is embraced through herringbone and directional angles on the outsole, lending visual interest, while also boasting easy mud-release and the ultimate ground contact. Take a hike and feel the details for yourself.

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