Studio Noyes

Kaenon Eyewear

2019 – 2020
World-class performance in iconic styles.

Future-forward craftsmanship. State-of-the-art protection.
Framed for functionality and an unrivaled fit. Whether it’s a day of trail exploration, deep sea excursions or taking on a new city, advanced polarized lenses provide glass-like clarity, light-as-a-feather feel and strong, shatterproof technology. Sharper contrast and micro depth create vivid color and clarity, enhancing your focal points no matter what kind of expedition you’re on. Comfort and creativity meld seamlessly in each style, with nose pads, temple tips, matte and gloss finishes and textural elements. Hard edges transition to sharp curves, creating dramatic shadows and complex forms, proving that function can double as visual intrigue. It’s the subtle, unexpected sculpting and finishes that guarantees they’ll be your go-to pair.

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