Shugo Apparel


Help renowned MLB Pitcher, Marcus Stroman, take SHUGO to the next level with a collection of cut-and-sew premium apparel pieces in highly coveted colorways. 


SHUGO was initially forged as a passion project for MLB star, Marcus Stroman in 2015. Stroman, a creative at heart who wasn’t satisfied with the performance or construction of conventional baseball cleats, set out to break boundaries when he tore his ACL during spring training in 2015. SHUGO started as a brand established to reinvent how baseball players execute their best game, and has evolved into an all-encompassing luxury brand. 


Our mission was clear: help Stroman create a lineup of apparel that would capture the hearts of streetwear enthusiasts in search of the most-elevated and thoughtfully designed apparel. Every detail, cut, and fabric selection pays tribute to Marcus' awe-inspiring baseball legacy while ensuring utmost performance during training sessions and everyday life. Each piece of apparel was cut and sewn in the U.S., giving our team the opportunity to oversee the quality in every stitch.


  • Creative Direction
  • Apparel Design
  • CMF
  • Apparel Development
  • Project Management

SHUGO’s apparel collection unites the same storytelling colorways of the ZERO Cleat and ZERO TR with the cutting-edge essence of modern ready-to-wear premium fashion. We seamlessly intertwined time-honored materials with sleek, streamlined silhouettes and signature branding details to captivate and support fashion aficionados and sports enthusiasts alike.

Thank You To:

Whelan Co | Project Management

Thomas Teal Studio | Photography

Megan Brady | Design

Joseph, LC, Malik, Jayden, Jacob | Models